Thank you for booking your newborn photo experience

“Thank you for booking your newborn photo experience.”

I am so honoured you have asked me to capture these first precious moments for you.

Here is some information and a few little tips you need to know beforehand to prepare you for your session with me.

What To Expect During Your Photo Session

When you arrive at my studio, it is best to give baby a full feed or feed just before you leave home if not travelling far. This will make sure that baby is super sleepy and contented when I begin your session. Your studio session can last between 2-3 hours.

Apart from that, sit back and relax and let me work my magic!

I will work at your baby’s pace. Not every baby will want to sleep, not every baby will want to be posed in certain positions. This is what makes your session unique to you and I love that no two newborn sessions are the same. I will do my very best to get your baby into deep sleep by creating a relaxing, calming environment for them and soothing them so they feel warm and safe.

It is totally normal for your little one to make a few messes during their session. Don’t worry, this happens all the time. All blankets, props and outfits are washed and sanitised before and after every session.

Preparation For Your Session

Here are some tips and advice on how to prepare for your newborn session…

  • If possible, please bring baby in loose clothing like a sleepsuit with no vest. This makes it easier to start the session and doesn’t disturb them when we undress them.
  • Please no socks to avoid marks on baby’s legs.
  • Bring extra nappies, baby wipes and formula if bottle feeding.
  • If breast feeding, please avoid citrus or spicy foods at least 48 hours before your session as these can sometimes upset your baby’s tummy.
  • A dummy as this can really help settle your baby during the session.
  • Spare tops for parents. I wouldn’t want you to get caught out as accidents DO happen.
  • Drink & a few snacks to keep you going

Siblings & Family Photos

Siblings and family photos are included in all newborn sessions. If you would like to include siblings photos, these will be done at the start of your session. Older children can get bored waiting around so I would advise bringing them something to keep them occupied or asking a grandparent/friend to collect them after they have done their photos.

Scratches & Marks

All babies in the first few weeks will have dry, patchy skin. This is completely normal as it is just their skin getting used to the air around them. Please don’t be tempted to apply oil or cream on your baby just before your session as this will make their skin look shiny in the photos.

The same with scratches and marks. Please do not worry, this is all dealt with afterwards in post production.



Safety is my utmost number one top priority when handling your baby during your session. All eyes and hands are kept around baby during posing to make sure they are safe and comfortable at all times.

I do not engage in any poses that may be uncomfortable for your baby and will only use poses that have been perfected in the safest way. I have years of experience of photographing newborns and have trained with some of the best trainers in the UK. Certain poses I may need a spotter if I need to move so I always ask Dad first to come and give me a spare pair of eyes and hands.


Props & Session Colours

My studio is kitted out with many newborn props from wooden bowls, baskets and beds, to headbands, delicate outfits and stunning handmade wraps.

We will discuss your colours before your session so I can make sure everything is prepped and ready for you. Think about the colour palette you have at home, the decor you have so that when you display your beautiful wall art on the wall, it matches perfectly.

Clothing for Parents

I recommend neutral colours and stay away from busy patterns and large logos. White, cream tops look best and we can always do parents shots in skin too for a more dramtic look. Alternatively simple black tops or vest look just as beautiful.

Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable.

After Your Session

After your session, I will carefully hand edit your images for you. These will be ready to view from your private online gallery within 2 weeks of your session.

You will also receive your credit voucher to put towards any products or wall art which you will be able to purchase through your online gallery. The credit voucher would automatically be deducted at your checkout for you and is valid for 30days upon receiving your gallery.

We can also arrange a zoom call afterwards to discuss your ideas, frames colours and style. I can also make some mock ups for you so you can see what your wall art would look like on your wall. All I would need is a simple phone snap of the wall you would like to display your wall art on.

If you would like to see some of the beautiful wall art I offer, please link on the button below.